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    Relocation Services

    Hawaii Relocation Information

    From mainland to urban to oceanfront, we can make your dreams come true in Hawaii, or anywhere else in the world.

    We can help you with all your corporate and individual needs through our Hawaii relocation services, whether you're moving to, from or within the Hawaii Islands.We provide you with comprehensive relocation packages, packets for newcomers, detailed school information and all the area information you will need for Hawaii,including property tours. We go beyond just helping you buy or sell a home.

    Relocation Services

    To Help You CHOOSE a Home We Will:

    Whether you are an relocating to a new area or a company who needs help relocating employees, we offer a variety of personalized relocation services:

    • Home buying and selling
    • Area tours
    • Rental assistance
    • Relocation management support

    Individual Moves

    We understand that there are many decisions to be made when relocating to a new area. New job
    responsibilities, family commitments, and moving can be somewhat daunting, but we are experts on the ins and outs of relocating and can provide support and guidance to you each step of the way.

    Area Orientation

    We’ll show you how to get around, the best features, places of note and how to get there in no time. You will very quickly learn how to navigate with confidence in your new community.

    Home-finding Service

    Based on our comprehensive planning, the Island Properties team will target housing options that perfectly meet your preferences and lifestyle needs. You’ll find the right place in the right community.

    Settling-in Services

    It doesn’t feel like a new home until all the details of day-to-day living are handled. Before long you and your loved ones will feel right at home.